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The Dave P Interview – 28 Years in UK Gospel

So, I didn’t really realise the importance of this interview until I started the final prep for it this week

Dave P - muscles (photo by Isabelle Weerawardena)

After all, it’s only Dave.   I’ve been listening to the guy on radio for near enough 20 years.

For the first 5 or so years of that I was – like many people – a distant fan, listening to his popular radio shows with great music, industry news plus his bad jokes and wisecracks across all sorts of radio stations, mainly mainstream channels because back then our choice of gospel radio was severely limited.

Then it dawned on me: this is not just Dave, the man who over the years has become my mate, but someone who’s been in gospel radio for 28 years…

Pause and think: TWENTY EIGHT YEARS!  So many projects in UK gospel do not last 28 months.  Harsh but fair. And true.


In that time I’ve seen many people with hugely impressive ideas and enthusiasm come and go, countless false starts for the expected (and promised) explosion of the UK gospel scene, and far too many deserving people give up because – let me be blunt here – this gospel path is a tough one to walk…

No-Holds-Barred Revelations

So how has Dave P lasted this long?  And while the photo is a fun above is a playful one, where does the strength to keep doing what he has for almost three decades come from?

And what’s his secret of fortitude in a sector where so many have (usually through no fault of their own) given up?

…And exactly how many feathers does he think his rather outspoken nature has actually ruffled over the years..?

Plus: what about those no-holds-barred revelations he keeps threatening he’ll reveal in this interview…?

Faith Jegede in Capital FM studiosJoin me and the immensely talented Faith Jegede (left) in what is likely to be one of her final interviews here in the UK (before the UK gospel scene loses one of its best new-generation media personalities to the US), as we speak to one of the UK gospel media industry’s most recognised figures!

Have You Got Any Questions For Dave?

Let me know what they are before 11:00 am 5 May 2013 by leaving a comment below, tweeting me at @UKGospel or sending an email to info at UKGospel dot com

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