Free Download – New release from Jay Ess

JayEss - Walking By Faith coverOn Christmas day 2012, Music of Black Origin (MOBO), US Stellar, and Dove-nominated artist, the London-based Jay Ess released his latest project ‘Walking By Faith’.

And as with ‘Good Friday’, his previous mixtape, ‘Walking By Faith’ is a free download.

The project is based on the concept of self-belief, something of a reflection of the last two years of his life and music career (which recently included his move from Zoe Records, his former label to being a fully fledged independent artist).

Watch ‘New Day’ from ‘Walking By Faith’

Not Walking By Sight

Jay Ess took ‘walking by faith’ a step further and interviews a young visually impaired gentleman from the OBAC charity in London.  OBAC was founded in 1988 by a group of committed visually impaired African and Caribbean to support people with blindness and other sensory and physical impairments.

He says: “One of the organisations I’ve chosen to work with is OBAC (Organisation for Black African Caribbean), hopefully the money generated from physical sales will enable them to do more for those who have partial vision or are fully blind.”

Watch ‘Life through the eyes of the blind (OBAC)’


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