Essential UK Gospel Tracklist

Top UK Gospel Sunshine Tunes to Warm Your Winter (Part 1)

So: it’s that time of the year again…

3-4 layers of insulated clothing is the norm (my default is 4).  The dark days are longer, and my wearing a hoodie to bed isn’t a strange sight to my family.

The warm orange glow around the country (not to mention the heady, feel-good summer vibe of the Olympics) is a distant, taunting memory as we go about cold life in winter-grey UK.


2011 had already threatened what has now become known as the ‘Afrobeats’ movement, but 2012 was when the music actually broke into the mainstream.  Inevitably, a lot of that is represented here.

For one last time before 2012 is over, break out your (real or imagined) sunglasses, winter barbecue, ice cream and sunscreen and enjoy some of the best UK Gospel Tropical tunes to bring the heat back into your life…

Victizzle: iSing ft Muyiwa and Utter Once.

Yes, it’s a totally obvious, inevitable choice – but it is one of the ultimate feel-good UK summer gospel songs.  Ever.

Jam Yourself

Before iSing appeared on the scene, there was ‘Jam Yourself‘ – I think Victizzle was 16 when he made this.  He was in secondary school.  As soon as I heard it I knew this guy was something special…

Pass Da Mic ft Victoriess: Christians

An absolute big tune.  Released last summer. Totally infectious, sing-along Soca.

LDubzy ft Chuka Royalty, Karl Nova, Andrew Bello and Papy Messages: Welcome to Africa

There are 4 African languages in this one.  As it says in the song: ‘speak your dialect’.

Muyiwa & Riversongz: God of Miracles

Live documentary/performance video from one of UK gospel’s biggest international ambassadors.

Only You Be God – taken from the last in their ‘Declaring’ album series

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