Utter Once Announces ‘Who’s Dat’ Remixtape

Even if the name is unfamiliar, you’ll undoubtedly know the voice and the songs he appeared on.

And yes, it’s the same Utter Once from the Gospel MOBO award-winning group ‘G-Force‘.

Collaboration King

If anyone genuinely deserves the handle ‘collaboration king’, it’ll be him.  He’s guested on some of the biggest tunes the UK gospel scene has had to offer in recent years: Victizzle‘s ‘iSing‘, Faith Child‘s ‘First Place‘ and Lola Godheld‘s ‘Studio‘, not to mention a seemingly endless array UK tracks floating around the underground.

If a tune’s had a memorable hook or a rather clever verse and featured a guest artist, chances are Utter’s deep and dulcet tones would be somewhere in the vicinity.

New Release

And – in what marks the beginning of a very long-awaited solo campaign – he releases ‘Praise You‘, the first of three singles off his ‘Who’s Dat ReMixtape very shortly.

As the name may or may not imply (this of course depends on the extent of your Pop/Dance music tastes), this is a reinterpretation of the Fat Boy Slim 90’s chart track of the same name.


While the broader concept of the mixtape is a familiar one in music (the appropriation of popular mainstream music hits is not new to the gospel music scene), 2011 seems to be the year the floodgates have burst open.

What this says about (but more crucially, means to) the scene continues to unfold, but one of the more immediate  effects is the proliferation of new music like we haven’t seen for quite a few years, possibly ever.

The Remixtape

The Remixtape project itself includes an original track produced by Ghetto Ace (whose work you probably remember from the likes of Guvna B) as well as a Labrinth ‘Tribute’ track.

Fans of hits from Evanescence as well as Chris Brown also have something to look forward to, and on the guest/feature side of things, Utter reunites with Logic of G-force, as well as long-time friend and collaborator Victizzle.  There’s also an appearance from Franklyn as well as other artists on the scene.

Watch the ‘Praise You’ promo video


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