Official music leak: Jahaziel is ‘Broken’

If you have even the flimsiest of connections to the UK gospel scene then you probably know that ‘Still Livin”, Jahaziel’s new mixtape, is due out next week.

In the meantime, there had been rumours of an official pre-release ‘leak’ from his camp recently, and the rumours finally became fact overnight when I woke up to ‘Broken’ (featuring Roccstar) in my inbox this morning.

The following comes straight from the accompanying press release:

Jahaziel considers his new song ‘Broken’ as a statement and heartfelt repentance to the Lord, his family, friends and followers of his ministry.

This is an honest and transparent account of what Jahaziel has been going through as a minister, the real battle with sin off stage.

Jahaziel exposes his sin in the song and speaks of God’s healing and restoration of his marriage and his life.

An example from the lyric: ‘I’m gonna talk about stuff, I don’t wanna talk about, even though it’s in the past and it’s sorted out. If I ain’t gonna share my experience then what’s it all about? My heart’s broke, let me pour it out’


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