Brits in US 2011 Dove Nomination

Brits in with 4 nominations in the 2011 Dove Awards

Congratulations to London-based Zoe Records whose excellent ‘various artists’ compilation project, ‘The British are Coming’  (you might know it by its UK name ‘Supported by the Master’).

The double CD is in first-round nominations in four categories for the 2011 Dove Awards, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, this year:

  • ‘Best Special Event CD’,
  • ‘Best Recorded Urban Song of the Year’ for Lola Godheld’s ‘Wait on the Lord’
  • ‘Best Recorded Rap or Hip-hop Song’ for Jay Ess’ ‘Too Many Fakes’ (ft Tryumf and Victizzle)
  • ‘Best Traditional Gospel Song’ for Beverley Moore’s ‘Jesus Has Been This Way Before’

One Voice

Also nominated was the UK/US collaboration ‘various artists’ project, One Voice, put together by Kingsway (via their Survivor Records imprint).

  • It is also in the ‘Special Event Album of the Year’ category along with ‘The British Are Coming’.

The other albums in the category are other various artists projects, ‘Passion Awakening’ and ‘Rock of Ages’, plus Veggie Tales’ ‘Sweetpea’s Songs for Girls’


(Updated 20 Feb 2011)

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