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Audio: GK Real puts their music up for streaming

Before the content churn on the UK gospel music scene hit its stride around late 2005, good releases were not only few and far between, but interesting, memorable projects were rare.

GK Real (the name was originally an anagram of the founder band members’ first names, later reworked to ‘God’s Kingdom Is Real‘) dropped their debut album ‘It’s All About You‘  in the summer of 2004.

However it (and the group) really gathered momentum later in the year, and by 2005 the group were significant players on the scene, winning the 2005 GEM Award ‘Newcomer’ gong.

Such was the impact of the album within – and significantly, outside – the scene, that the group became a staple on the circuit, and at the height of their work, toured Europe quite a few times.

Two- time Urban Music Award nominees (2008 & 2010) It’s All About You was produced entirely by the group through their record label, Rockhill Music.



If you like what you hear, there might be one (maybe two) CDs left on


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