Download: New Guvna B website – and free MP3

If this were a construction project, you know you’ll be looking at an absolutely stunning skyscraper using the following component parts:

  • Guvna B
  • His management company Black Grape, and
  • Design By SPIRIT (via the genius that is Christophe Pierre)

If things go according to plan, then the new Guvna B website, due to launch in a couple of days, will mark a massive turning point in how the UK scene evolves.

Guvna intends the site to be both for people that like his music to access content, but he also hopes it will be a hub for UK Christian rap.

A new song, “Best I Can Be” featuring upcoming vocalist Leke (whose work you probably know from his collaborations with Victizzle and Tunday)  is a heartfelt confession of his struggle to remain a powerful example of true Christianity to those who look up to him while thanking those closest to him. This song will be available free of charge to those who register on the website.

I’ll be writing a fuller feature on  this on soon.

Meantime, bookmark – you’ll need to see this in a couple of days.  I’ve already seen it and it looks awesome!

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