Review and download: E Tizz – Sound Of My Soul Album

Henry Yanney reviews E Tizz’s ‘Sound Of My Soul‘ debut album

It’s never been a surprise that the underground gospel music scene has always spoken highly of Timothy “E-Tizz” Grimwade’s credentials as an artist.

With a number of singles, collaborations and live performances under his belt, 2009 is the year when the MC from South East London finally dropped his album, Sound Of My Soul, which gained a large amount of interest from the public due to him releasing it as a free download.

SOMS is exactly that; a collection of songs which all have a personal attachment towards the making of E-Tizz the artist, son and man he is today.

Ranging from the self-titled intro (featuring his mother) to My Life and Choices, the depth of soul within the lyrics and the production is second to none, striking an excellent balance of well put together verses and emotive choruses.

Collaborations from artists such as Jahaziel, Gems, Sammy G and S.O. add even more weight to E-Tizz’s debut as they each trade off Tizz’s hard delivery with their own signature style in unison rather than in any competitive form.

Whilst many free album downloads feel like B-Sides and dated tracks thrown together, Sound Of My Soul without question delivers on all fronts to the point where any price added to the album would be fully justified.

Cohesive, provocative and entertaining, E-Tizz’s debut work is a definite must have for any fan of the UKG street sound.

Download for free or pay what you want below:

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