News: Faith Child Quickfire Update

Faith Child album flyer

Faith Child album update – another one of those releases to look forward to:

Album: launched on December 4th at ULU The Venue in Central London.

Make up: an eclectic range of my signature synth driven style with hints of Electro, Pop and Rock.

Cast list: production by a variety of master minds including GP, Victizzle, Wez’er’Nate, GKiD and Jimmy James.

Promo: album lead single is Flashback featuring Alex from MaLoKai.  It’s a fusion of Rock, Pop, Electro and Hip Hop and summarises his  life story in two verses, a bridge and a hook.

Produced by super producer GP of Dvine Muzic.  One of his favourites!

Showreel: You can expect a showreel during the middle of November just after the promotion is in full force.

Big news: I’ll be shooting a music video for Flashback in the new year alongside the favourite tracks on the album

LINK: Faith Child on MySpace

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