Theatre: Love, Sax and all that Jazz (starting Sat 17th Oct 09)

I came across Alan Charles ages ago, at the launch event of his album, Da Plan (which is still – to this day – one of my favourite UK gospel CDs).

He was one of the first people that genuinely impressed me with his choice of venue – it wasn’t a ‘churchy’ one  (not that there’s anything wrong with churchy venues), but the Straford Rex, (I think) – a great site for what turned out to be a great album.

You’re probably not very impressed by that.  But I’m going back years here, before that sort of thing became popular…

He had the stage presence and audience interaction skills to match, and even though I don’t think I’ve ever told him this, I made up my mind there and then to support as much of what he does as I can, based on the standard he set back then…

So now, his latest project is the play Love Sax and All That Jazz (he explains the full premise in the video below), which starts touring from October.

Looks like it could be one for the diary…

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