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  1. Hmmm. Remove Kiki and add Guvna
    Remove Mary Mary and add Muyiwa

    Then I would be happy…

    Congrats to the other guys


  2. They should have included Guvna B and made it 4 UK nominations which would have made a statement about the scene as a whole! But NDC and Victizzle both deserved their noms


  3. I’m glad we have a good representation of UK acts there, but i am a bit perlexed. er what’s going on how come MUYIWA?!? and GUVNA B??!? didnt get nominated! I think Victizzle’s nomination is premature as they only just released that album, New D have toured their album well and deserve a nomination..but who is DTWG??? i’ve never heard of this group. Oh dear Are we about to get another G-Force!? where a group known only in the 4-walls of their church scoops a prestigious (well once upon a time) award based without breaking a sweat to earn it?…or am i being too harsh 🙂


  4. @ Alice….OOOOOOUCH!! But you have spoken correctly & I agree. Their choice process is usuall based on what is current but not what has been long established & has grown.


    • oops sorry, didnt mean to be harsh. I was just shocked at the nominations. All in love, i will still be voting for my UK artists 100%



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