From Yinka's head...

‘We goin’ worldwide…’

Karl Nova

Karl Nova





Karl Nova, Victizzle and Tunday are just three of a growing number of UK artists increasingly finding fellowship, fans and a whole new fan base internationally.

Before 2009 is out Karl will be in Baltimore and Washington DC and Nigeria, and Tunday and Victizzle are due in Miami in December.

Producer G.P has not only been out and about, but is producing for heavyweight US gospel Hip-hop names.

Both Jahaziel and Tryumf have been abroad several times this year, have been very well received and still have more international appointments before the year is out.

We comin’. Watch out.  UK stand up.

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  1. YES! Y’all deserve it!!

    Somwehere in my office, there’s a magazine from Holland, with a review of an old Greenjade album. I’ve never been able to read the review as my Dutch is a bit rusty (for ‘rusty’ read ‘nonexistent’). But that review – along with my experiences abroad – has served as evidence to me that people overseas appreciate UK Gospel talent a lot – sometimes even more so than the home audience…

    Once again, well done guys. Keep up the good work.


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