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Streetbrand relaunches hardcopy, gets mainstream coverage

Streetbrand - relaunch coverStreetbrand is one of the UK’s strongest multi-racial, multi-denominational teen-focused Christian websites around at the moment.

Originally starting out as a magazine, it subsequently migrated online, and last week Monday returned as a hard-copy publication once again, with its original mix of music, fashion and faith.

The magazine will be published three times a year, focusing on teenagers looking to interact with other Christians.

Articles on music, books and gadgets will sit alongside interviews with other young people – not necessarily Christians – and celebrities talking about their faith.

In the meantime excellent digital marketing, commentary on youth-based faith issues in the news and smart use of web 2.0 tools has given Streetbrand good presence in the mainstream.

Founder and editor Kofo Baptist was interviewed by the BBC last week, and the site was even name-checked by the Financial Times online.

Get Streetbrand magazine at or see the stockist list

Nice one, Kofo.

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