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UKGPresents is UKG Connected

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UKG, Connected…

The other day went down – complete with all the content I have added (or updated) over the past three years (audio, video, documents, news, hard-to-find links and more).

As I type this, it’s still not back up.

Technically that should be a major crisis

However the good news is I’ll probably get it all back.

But the saga helped bring into focus something that been bouncing round the back of my mind for a while:

  • I need to get rid of

It’s not as drastic as it sounds.  The name ‘UKGPresents’ doesn’t fully represent the idea I have for the project.  ‘UKG Connected‘ does.

It’s about following the scriptural principle of diverse functions within one body.

It’s about:

  • being severally gifted and dovetailing those gifts into the progression of a single movement.
  • transcending commerce and business
  • sweeping aside (and just entirely ignoring) hidden and second agendas.

It’s about hooking people up

  • the artist with the promoter.
  • Radio station and DJ
  • Artist and airplay
  • new kid on the block and the veteran
  • product and service
  • web designer and the one that needs a website
  • the producer and the vocalist
  • the choir and the Hip-hop artist

You get the idea…

So the intention behind UKGPresents principle hasn’t really gone.

…it’s just morphed into something better…

Watch this space…

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