From Yinka's head... 1.5: launch weekend – Pressure’s on… 1.5 Pre-launch Screengrab

This is a view that few people ever get to see.

10th January 2009.

Pic is of the backend/editing area of 1.5 .

It’s Saturday night, and the site is nowhere near finished.  I still want to have it live for Monday, so the pressure’s on…

18:00 – Just spoke to Dave P on Facebook.  Asked him again to send me his audio promo for his radio station, Urban Gospel Network.

Turns out he’s had the flu for the past week, which is why he hadn’t been able to send me the file earlier in the week when I adked for it.

19:30 – file received and now uploaded.  Sounds really nice.

Now to do the second audio advert, the promo, recorded with George Luke last Thursday.

Ironically it also includes a plug for, which isn’t due to be launched for a while…

I haven’t even mixed it down yet (lots of ideas still floating around and haven’t fully decided on a concept yet – even though I had when George and I were recording).

20:50 – I think I’ll leave the audio mixing and add some features on to the site.

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