(Version 1.5)

UKGospel version 1 screengrab version 1 – looking very tired – click to go see…

It’s a long story, but here’s the short version…

3 years in the making…

I’ve been meaning to build a new version of for the past 3 years.

If you’ve been reading the whole version design history on version 1, you know there’s been at least 2 full sites built that never saw light of day.

I stuck with the above version, (that home page was designed about four years ago), arguably longer than I needed to.

But now it is sooooo out of date, even though the inside feature pages have a bit more of a contemporary look about them…

The single biggest complaint regarding this version is that when you click the ‘back’ button it takes you to the home page (quite irritating because in some circumstances it becomes almost impossible to find the page you were on previously)…

Easy to use…

However, I stuck with it because I designed it in Flash-based Moonfruit sitemaker (version 3), which (at the time) was first free, then cheap and – for someone like me starting off over 8 years ago with little HTML programming knowledge – perfect.

However, Sitemaker has now upgraded to version 4+ (I used it to build and you can see the difference is incredible), so it’s now time to bid a fond farewell to the unwieldy version 1…

Version 1.5…?

Ultimately will have to be built on a content management system (CMS).

Joomla has been the CMS of choice for the past few years, one of several I have looked at (and trust me, I’ve looked).  That’s where the ‘1.5‘ bit comes in.

Version 1 desperately needs an overhaul – so much so that I’m going to build an interim site using Moonfruit (the basic layout is already done).

The intention is to keep it as a ‘holding version’, in place until about summer/Autumn of 2009, when the ‘proper’ new CMS version is launched (hence this being called the 1.5, as opposed to version 2)

In the meantime, a new campaign for version 1.5 starts in either December 2008 or January 2009…

Still not sure what exactly I’m going to do for the campaign, but I have a few of ideas…

Watch that space.

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