vote for your best CD 2008…

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CD of the year 2008 (Nov 08 – Jan 09)

This poll actually started out on

But as this is now the official UKG polls and blogs site let’s start with the first ‘Best Of…’ poll…



It’s time to look at some of the CDs that have impressed you in ’08.

It’s been a vintage year, with the quality and  choice of CDs on offer so great it’s still shocking that MOBO didn’t include some key names on their nominees list (Sammy G and Guvna B, anyone…?)

At least it went to a deserving winner in Jahaziel, and not a US act  (not that US acts don’t deserve a MOBO…).

So: vote your favourite CD for the 08.

The rules…  Well, they’re simple:

  • you can only vote once (the technology helps to make sure, but don’t cheat!)
  • I’ll be posting only CDs that had more than 3 sales on UKGShop this year…
  • However: if you think a CD should be included on the list tell me why I should add it
  • all CDs are eligible, as long as they had a release in 2008



And to make it more interesting, I’m going to add a prize element to it: 2 FREE CDs to one participant picked at random(Draw now closed)


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