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DJ Fitz – Good to Go…?

Tuesday morning – off to ATL in 2 days…

DJ Fitz: end of an era – and the confirmation of a strain of embedded apathy


This year (2007), the BBC scrapped 9 radio shows on its Black Music station 1Xtra.

One of those shows was the ‘Vibrations’ Gospel Show, hosted by DJ Fitz. His last show is actually this Sunday…

I don’t even want to get into the politics of the whole thing (the BBC’s responsibility to broadcast a whole range of programmes seeing as we pay our licence fees), but I just find the following quite interesting:

  • in the same period, there was an obsession over the marriage problems of Juanita Bynum on the hugely popular UnitedByOne forum. I don’t know that the detail was, as I didn’t follow it that closely…
  • My post about what we might be able to do in response to the BBC announcement got a relatively muted response in comparison to the Bynum/Weeks saga.
  • I know preachers are important and everything, but I really despair when marital events thousands of miles away seem to take precedence over supporting a local radio show…

Safe to say: as long as we remain apathetic to events happening in our industry and obsess about anything else, I suspect progress will always be painfully slow..

Oh, well…

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