Mark Of The Beast – 101: One way to prepare the world…

Wednesday evening. April. Tired…

drwho_markonhandPreparing the world for the mark…?

Me: biiiig fan of Dr Who. And science fiction generally.

Last Sunday was the beginning of the new series. Lots of hype, new assistant for the Doctor (Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. Pretty Black girl in high-profile role. Cool.)

Anyway, main reason for this entry: classic example of how to prepare the world for not resisting the mark of the beast

The only way this will make sense is if I give you a synopsis:

Judoon – race of intergalactic police that look like rhinos (just go with it). Chasing this particular alien (again, just go with it).

They track it to a hospital here earth. Hospital subsequently transported to the moon (yes, the whole hospital. To the moon. Not as weird as it sounds). Alien has changed shape into a dear, sweet old lady.

Judoon, being a race of super police are prepared for this eventuality and promptly begin to scan all the people in the hospital on the moon (yes, I know). Their stock phrase is ‘you will be catalogued’.

People are scanned, and – if human – are eliminated as not being important to this investigation (they are only after this alien).

And exactly how do they catalogue these people…?

Yep, you guessed it: scan on the forehead and mark on the back of the right hand (pic above is the mark on the ‘alien old lady’s’ hand)…

Hmm. Innocuous(?) enough on its own perhaps…  But like I keep saying, when viewed in context of Revelation 13, perhaps it’s yet another one of those things already in the public domain which will relax resistance to accepting the mark of the beast…

Hmm. He who had an ear, let him hear…?

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